Saturday, October 20, 2012

disregard that last post.

I'm very sorry for that last advisory post. pretty much everything listed and linked from what i posted yesterday was wrong!!

I hate when that happens, I try hard to research street closures, and all I get is unnecessary worries and headaches. Completely false information.

Sorry, for the inconvenience.

Although by coincidence I was right about one thing, 6th ave was closed, however it was only between 14th and 23rd for a street fare, and also it was a good idea to work earlier and end the shift early, as the traffic was a nightmare!!

Here's what I know about tomorrow, and this is not information from the internet, this is from the advisory boards on the Manhattan Bridge: there is a bike tour tomorrow in the morning, and it will use the west side highway in one direction and the FDR drive in the other direction. this tour will have one direction of both of these highways closed until noon. well... I think it will, so be prepared. work the middle rather than the outside of Manhattan... I have my doubts if any of this information is accurate, so as always, it is best to check 1010 wins news, or wcbs 880am, I'm sure they'll tell you if this is happening.

Again I'm so sorry for posting completely false information yesterday, I think this is partly why it's been so long since my last update of this blog, there's no way of knowing this kind of information in advance and preparing for it.

The best way to know about something in advance is through promotional materials, advertising and so on and so on.

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