Saturday, January 26, 2013


Now that it is illegal to turn left unto Delancey Street (which primarily serves the Brooklyn-bound Williamsburgh Bridge) from both southbound Allen and Essex Streets, there is ever increasing congestion on the turning lanes of Bowery and Chrystie Streets instead. Each of them has only one and the green arrow for them is extremely short lived. The wait is then made excruciatingly long by motorists who aren't alert or familiar with the traffic pattern. You need both hands to count the number of light cycles typically wasted on this essential turn for vehicles heading over the bridge, and it spills into the right lane, causing delays for vehicles heading straight through the intersection. 

Since nobody understands the expression "TIME IS MONEY" more than a cabbie, we are often the ones that are caught in cop traps like the following one, which has become an ALL DAY, EVERYDAY pastime for one particular patrol car. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TURN LEFT FROM THE RIGHT LANE when approaching DELANCEY from southbound CHRYSTIE STREET. They hang out just beyond the intersection and WILL KNOCK OUT your livelihood for the day, not to mention the points! If you are in a rush to get on the bridge, a simple little secret could potentially work out. I'm talking about a smaller vertical southbound street: Ludlow! Try it out by getting on it at Houston Street and see how smooth the left turn unto Delancey becomes. There really aren't any other little streets which allow for this. Any closer to the bridge and the median is closed. Any further away and you encounter thicker traffic, though you may wanna try your luck on Mott Street, which provides access from Houston Street to Kenmare Street (which becomes Delancey past the Bowery).   

Monday, January 21, 2013

NO LEFT TURNS from 23rd Street on to 9th Avenue


This poor guy in a classic Ferrari had to suffer through my photo session while he received his ticket. This police car was marked, but I have seen black Chevrolet Impala Police, and Blue ones, and the mustachioed yellow cab police car who usually waits by the Pennsylvania Hotel has been there too..

Don't make this left turn, they are there almost everyday of the week. Plan your route in advance-
2 ways to 9th Avenue are:

  • 21st Street to 9th Avenue-- >
However 21st Street is closed @ lunchtime on school days
Best Route: 
  • 25th Street to 9th Avenue.. >
25th street is a very wide street, so nothing will block your path.

The ticket will happen in one of two ways:

  1. The police car will usually be waiting at the near right corner of 23rd street (Northeast). He will then proceed to follow you through the turn and pull you over on the far right corner by the bus stop.
  2. Without a police car, two officers will be waiting at the bus stop, they will walk in to the street to stop you after you make the turn and direct you to the bus stop again where you will receive your ticket.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Departures are now happening at the end of West 34th St., across from Javits Center (between 11th and 12th Avenues). Remember that on the weekends the bus lane on 34th Street is open to all, so make use of that when crossing town with a Megabus passenger. If you want to pick up Megabus arrivals, just head down Seventh Avenue and pull over on the right around 28th Street by FIT if you see buses parked there. That's where they drop off.