Monday, January 21, 2013

NO LEFT TURNS from 23rd Street on to 9th Avenue


This poor guy in a classic Ferrari had to suffer through my photo session while he received his ticket. This police car was marked, but I have seen black Chevrolet Impala Police, and Blue ones, and the mustachioed yellow cab police car who usually waits by the Pennsylvania Hotel has been there too..

Don't make this left turn, they are there almost everyday of the week. Plan your route in advance-
2 ways to 9th Avenue are:

  • 21st Street to 9th Avenue-- >
However 21st Street is closed @ lunchtime on school days
Best Route: 
  • 25th Street to 9th Avenue.. >
25th street is a very wide street, so nothing will block your path.

The ticket will happen in one of two ways:

  1. The police car will usually be waiting at the near right corner of 23rd street (Northeast). He will then proceed to follow you through the turn and pull you over on the far right corner by the bus stop.
  2. Without a police car, two officers will be waiting at the bus stop, they will walk in to the street to stop you after you make the turn and direct you to the bus stop again where you will receive your ticket.


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