Thursday, October 18, 2012

helpful to be prepared for the weekend.

Click here-> Gridlock Sam's weekend traffic advice. And scroll down to his notes on street closures.

The Avon walk for breast cancer is also this weekend, and I am not sure if any streets are closed for that. Guests for the walkathon will be staying at the Hilton, and they have shuttle busses that take them to the start of the walk at the 43rd Street Pier on the west side highway (The Circle Line Cruises Pier) AT 4AM.  I believe the walk starts later, like 8am. So there may be people all over, but especially the Hilton, perhaps the Sheraton as well? whoever needs to get to 43rd and 12th ave.

The Gay Pride Parade is Sunday, so a good benefit to look for is parties the night before and parties the night after. I think last year the ballroom on 52nd street between 8th ave and broadway had a thing that lasted until 9am, and had people going home to Park Slope and Williamsburg, and upper west side, and greenwich village etc.. on Monday!?? I dunno, but good to look out for such things. the parades and street closures this weekend look horrible though, it seems like it never ends.

So try to make all your money on Friday, and in the nights and early mornings, if you work during the day shift during the weekend, i'd guess it'd be best to work hard before dawn and cut the shift off early before traffic traps you in Manhattan forever.

Good luck.

P.S. Do not wait for ships at the ship terminal. You are wasting your time. do not wait on a taxi line at the Car Wash on the West Side Highway. The police were giving tickets last weekend for standing in a no standing zone. The police were also in countless other places, in the mornings on Sunday especially. Be careful when double parking, and do not block intersections and crosswalks.

Do not pick up people at 7th avenue side of Penn Station from an active lane in the street. You must be on the taxi line to pick-up passengers.

 the dispatcher at the train station wants to put people in taxicabs, the police want to give tickets to taxicabs. the two people are working against each other. if I am stopped at a red light at 32nd street and 7th avenue on the far right lane, i lock my doors, i don't care what the dispatcher says, I am not getting a ticket from the police officer hiding between the parked police cars across the street.

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