Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rules, and helpful hints for tomorrow.

The T&LC has some good advice and has posted relevant information regarding tomorrow.

most importantly from the hours of 6am to 4pm. you have to have 2 passengers in your taxi to enter manhattan.

you can collect more than one fare at a time.. first ride is on the meter, additional riders are suggested 10 dollars. please do this when the demand is heavy, we all win.

all subways in brooklyn terminate to transfer to busses in downtown brooklyn.

subways coming from the bronx will end at grand central and penn station.... KEY POINTS,  to transfer to a bus or transfer to a taxi.


  1. Hi, Nice information. These tips is very useful for taxi drivers and also for customers.

  2. I haven't found another blog like yours! These are super helpful for taxi cab drivers! Thank you for the tips, they even help those of us learning the NYC streets.

    Will Jenkins |