Sunday, June 7, 2009

L train

Yesterday was crappy for me, to much time between rides, not enough rides, too many small ones, and it wasn't well played either, I suppose I should've waited at LGA the two times I got there. But today's been good, it's all luck, what can you do? and it's gonna get bad soon if not already, with a 
  • parade on Madison from 23rd to 41
  • street fairs at 6th ave from 42nd to 56th, and 3rd ave from 66 to 86
  • a 10k run shutting down central park west from the south end all the way to 90th (I'm sure they'll let cars through the transverses, but it may be slow)
  • And old St Patricks, that's the church in the lower east side i think, or soho, whatever, it's got mott street mulberry, worth all over there closed.
Check the DOT website

The L train isn't running between Lorimer Street and Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn. It gets busy there, lots of people, can't say weather they will or won't want a cab, but the shuttle bus service is not sufficient. I've already gotten at least two rides- from L.E.S. to Myrtle/Wyckoff, and then another back, that's almost 40 bucks, from that. when the shit hits the fan in Manhattan, you might want to hope for Brooklyn?


  1. thanks for coming by my place...

  2. oh, right, right, thanks ken for posting those time traveling pictures! and thanks gil, I thought of doing the same type post this weekend, but i figured it would be too late to help