Friday, May 22, 2009

May 24th- Broadway closes, from 47-42 streets and 35-33 streets

"The pilot program will discontinue vehicular traffic on Broadway from 47th Street to 42nd Street and from 35th Street to 33rd Street-connecting Seventh Avenue through Times Square, where it is currently bisected by Broadway, and improving traffic flow on Sixth Avenue through Herald Square. The result will be simplified traffic patterns, longer green lights and reduced travel times throughout Midtown Manhattan. East/West vehicular access through Times and Herald Squares will not be impacted and travel times are expected to improve on some of those streets" 
-The DOT press release for the Broadway closure
My opinion-
It may take some time for people to get used to this change, which will cause some initial buildups at the crosstown intersections. There are already preliminary confusions on Broadway as it had gotten repainted and gets real narrow at 45th street. Have a good weekend and check for parades and street fares.

Mid shift update- 5:24 @7:30am
Well the reports have been hit and miss about when specifically the shutting down of Broadway would happen, but the last time I checked they were merging Broadway with 7th Avenue at 46th Street. It didn't seem so bad, though I could see how a collision could occur. Today won't really provide a fair judgement of it in Times Square, as 7th Avenue is having a Street fair from 57th Street down to 47th. So effectively we have today one street going through Times square: The narrow (2 lanes) Broadway will spill to 46th where drivers will be forced to, well, to Broadway again, wait a minute this is exactly the opposite of the proposal?? Also Broadway is supposed to be closed from 33rd to 35th, didn't see this yet.

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