Saturday, April 18, 2009

Deed In Lew

When exiting the uptown FDR at 23rd St., be sure to make a complete stop at the sign, before proceeding into Avenue C. The cops are often hiding out right there, under the elevated highway.

I remember Ninth Avenue having always been smooth sailing from the 30s into the 20s and beyond. But now those new left turn bays (with a delayed green signal) are not long enough to hold the perpetual volume of vehicles waiting to turn left at 30th and 28th Streets. I know this new system has been set up to make bicycling on the bike lane safer and more efficient, and I support alternative transportation 100%, so I try not to whine about the permanent traffic jam that's sprung up where there was none before. Instead of blaming the 'green' mayor or the cyclists that are simply no where to be found 99% of the time, I am going to point the finger at those motorists who cluster up, spill unto, and clog adjacent lanes in their attempt to enter left turn bays before everyone else who waits patiently in line. YOU bring most (if not all) of Ninth Avenue's thru lanes to the brink of paralysis on a daily basis.

Rotaries are so traffic efficient. Too bad NYC ain't got but like half a dozen of them.

The TriBeCa Film Fest this year will be from the April 22nd until May 3rd. There's a free official guide that you can pick up in order to know exactly when people will come spilling out of festival events in search of taxicabs. But basically, screenings start ending around 2:30 pm and continue to do so until just past midnight. Just keep cruising past the main venues during these hours. They include the AMC Village Theater on 3 Av at 11th, the SVA Theater on 23rd between 8/9 Avenues, 54 Varick (@ Canal) on the weekends, and a few other lesser locations.


  1. Wow this is strange, I always thought this stop sign was intended for that u-turn spot and not for cars btw 25th and 23rd. something needs to be done about this. I don't think this was the intention of the stop sign. I used to park my old car there before they posted a notice that it would be towed and then put fences up.

  2. And thank you for providing the airport numbers on the sidebar, i lost them and only re-found the jfk number, which doesn't help me, I'll be sure to input the LAG #'s