Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eventful start to March

The International Art Expo will be at Javits from Feb.26-March 2: until 6 pm each day and ending at 2 pm on Monday. And the Restaurant Expo is on Mar. 1 and 2 until 5 pm and until 4 pm on the 3rd. And a robotics competition on the 6th until 5 pm and on the 7th and 8th until 4 pm.

The Armory Art show will be running next week, from Wednesday March 4 through Sunday the 8th, at Pier 94. Related events will be happening at various galleries around town. The following hotels are advertising promotions in connection to the events, so you should roll by them in the hour leading up to the start of each exhibit: Chambers Hotel on 56th before 5 Av, Dream NY on 55th between 7/BWAY, Parker Meridien on 56 before 6 Av, Muse on 46 btw. 7/6 Av, SoHo Grand on West Broadway, Time Hotel on 49th past BWAY, TriBeCa Grand on 6Av, the 'W' on Lex, the 'W' on 39th past Lex, and the 'W' in Union Square.



  2. Yes, I'd definitely enjoy contributing to the site and putting whatever tidbits I might have gained. Thanks for the invite.