Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Turn Signal

I was dropping off a passenger on 125th Street between Lenox and Seventh Avenue in Harlem at around 5:30 am this morning. I was headed westbound and the passenger wasn't clear about where to stop. The plan was to turn right on Seventh and stop at 127th Street, but he suddenly said, "you can drop me off right here." I carefully pulled into the empty parking lane, aware that a cop was a couple dozen feet behind me. The cop stopped in the moving lane and waited for me to complete the transaction. When I signaled and pulled back into the moving lane, the cop's lights came on. I was stopped for failure to use my turn signal. I use my turn signal religiously 95% of the time. I failed to do so when I pulled into the parking lane because it was an abrupt decision on the part of the passenger, but I could have sworn I threw on my hazard lights upon slowing to a stop. I do that 100% of the time. Anyhow, be careful out there. Many tickets being issued to taxicabs. I almost quit my job today, but I'm not going to let irreconcilable cops, hours of vacant cruising, and poor tippers keep me from a job I feel proud doing well in the city I love to serve.


  1. I'm not a cab driver, but I love your blog just the same. I drive in the city quite often and look for traffic tips from you.
    Sorry about the jerky cop.
    Wished all cab drivers were as professional as you.
    Stay safe out there....

  2. I'm also not a cab driver, but I am a driver, cyclist and motorcyclist. I appreciate anyone talking about driving safety and transportation in NYC. The only time I was hit by a cab was when the driver did exactly as you did. I was biking in the right hand bike lane and then all of a sudden a cab which just passed me abruptly pulled to the right, right in front of me. Presumably because his passenger said, "right here" and he obeyed. I tried to whip around to the left but I was going to fast to stop and clipped the corner of the cab, flipping over the bars into the middle of the street and mangling my bike. I was in shock and a pedestrian helped me talk to the cab driver and get some money for my bike.
    As a hyper-aware cyclist turn signals are very important. I will do everything I can to stay out of your way. If you pass me with your signal on I will stay back. If you are at a red light with your signal on I will go to the other side to not interfere with your turn. I'm not doing it for you, but for me. I don't like putting my body in the path of a 2 ton beast.
    Drive safe and drive smooth. Remember driving in NYC is a team sport, not a race. We are all on the SAME TEAM!

  3. It is unfair that the cop waited for you to pull out and then gave you a ticket for not using your turn signal. I believe that if you are acting safely, then there should not be a reason for the cop to stop you. Hopefully the ticket wasn't too much!

  4. NYPD Worst cops in united state of America. Taxi is there easy target.