Friday, January 27, 2012

Hypocrisy on West 23rd Street

No other vehicle in the city do I see more commonly missing a functional headlight (and sometimes tail lights) than their patrol cars. This cab was stopped in Chelsea for having a tail light out. I understand it's dangerous not to replace it immediately and I also understand that the ticket is dismissible upon completion of such a task.

However, like them, we are professionals serving the city's streets under high pressure. Least they could do is show some brotherhood by pulling up next to us and politely informing us of the situation, instead of turning on their intimidating lights, sirens, ground-shaking whoop horn, and wasting our time with a summons.

What we have to do as taxi drivers is to show each other some unity by informing each other of nonfunctional headlights and brake lights. Just lightly tap the horn to get your comrade's attention. That's all. Let's show some concern for each other out there, and maybe even other motorists. I always tell anyone and everyone when their light(s) are out.

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