Tuesday, July 26, 2011


If you are driving uptown thru the tunnel and over the viaduct, DO NOT make that first right unto 46th street, under any circumstance. If you are driving downtown along Park Ave., DO NOT make a left from anywhere BUT the LEFT LANE, and DO NOT scoot through the crosswalk or gun the gas pedal as the light turns red, IF you are about to make that LEFT TURN unto 46th. It's tempting to try and make the light anyway because too many vehicles clog up that intersection all day long. Well, you know what else happens all day long? STED stands guard at the southeast corner and WILL write you a summons. STED stands for Surface Transportation Enforcement Division. Now you know the next time you see those letters on an NYPD patrol car or uniform pin.


  1. The second lane runs into 230 Park, I suppose you're supposed to use it to drive into the Helmsley Building. I talked to that cop, he let me off the hook.

  2. Were you driving a yellow vehicle? Perhaps not.

  3. very true Gil,

    every time I was pulled over by the NYPD in my private car, I was let off with a warning.

    every time I was pulled over by the NYPD in my yellow cab, I was given at least one ticket.

    by this sample it proves that 100% of the time a yellow cab will get penalized, and 100% of the time a civilian vehicle will not, if they do maneuvers that are improper yet safe. I knew someone who drove a cab also for a few years and held a connection to the police department with a police benevolent asoc. card. he was pulled over various times even for speeding, and was never given a ticket.

  4. I just visited NYC last week. I thought I would be taking the taxi a lot. Turns out, I ended up walking everywhere and didn't even use a taxi once.