Friday, May 6, 2011

possible street closures for saturday?

Waverly Place between Greene Street and Broadway,
Broadway between Waverly Place and State Street closed 10am-7pm Saturday

Mental Illness Parade closes Fulton, Gold, Spruce Sts, Broadway, Park Row, Chamber Sts bet 10am-2pm Saturday

this was posted by Gridlock Sam. Not sure if this will actually happen or not. but we shouldn't be surprised if they happen and plan accordingly. I apologize for the post I sent before about a bunch of annoying road closures that never happened, I suppose it was the rain that saturday that canceled all of those street closures. but in my memory, it's always the saturdays where annoying things like this happen. and add to that Taxi and Limousine Commission Ford Escapes in blue and grey that patrol the hotels around times square for infractions such as double parking, or not pulling close enough to the curb properly.

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