Monday, November 8, 2010


42nd St & 8th Ave, Manhattan New York City, New York

This is not a speedtrap, but a block the box enforcement zone at one of the busiest intersections on the planet. A platoon of cops are waiting at the north side of the intersection to catch people blocking the box, but if you do make it across, they'll still nail you for tailgating in heavy traffic, which you have to do to get across the intersection anyway because you're crawling slower than the pedestrians. I was among a bunch of people fighting the tailgate ticket from the same cop on different days, all in the same month. Most got $90 fines for not being prepared. One guy brought a lawyer and got off. I had photos, Google maps, measurements and printed out the law (which was vague). When the officer saw the materials I had brought before the judge, she claimed amnesia and said she did not recollect the facts of the case, even though she had notes for all the other cases. Case dismissed and thank the officer said the administrative judge. Pthffffft!

Clearview Expwy Southbound off Throgs Neck Bridge New York City, New York

There is almost always a cop waiting on the side of the road for speeders.

FDR / Harlem River Drive Expressway near 139 Street New York City, New York

Cop in marked Charger claims to have been posted on the 139th Street on ramp heading Northbound. Hides on the overpass/onramp and is not visible unless looking in your rearview. Uses LASER.. you will not detect this!

FDR Drive near Grand Street New York City, New York

Highway Patrol sits on the entrance ramp to Southbound FDR at the location, they are off to the side and they will have locked you in before you even know there there.

Interstate I-95Bruckner Expressway near Exit Number 9 Orchard Beach

The roadway here curves pretty good and when you hit the straight away you can see the Highway Patrol dead ahead on the exit ramp, it will be to late of course.

Riverside Drive near 170 - 125 Street New York City, New York

Riverside Drive between 158th and 125th (Grant's Tomb). The posted is 30 MPH but there are fewer lights on that stretch of road, so the tendency is to go faster.

I got two tickets in the span of 5 minutes. Don't ask...

WEST END AVE Avenue near WEST 96TH Street New York City, New York

There's a camera at the intersection of West End Avenue and 96th St.the location where you turn onto the Henry hudson Westside Highway. Be careful going and don't get caught in the yellow!

Henry Hudson9A Expressway near 57th Street New York City, New York

north bound west side highway at west 57th street, red light camera. it's the last light before the highway begins without any traffic lights, so don't get too excited and try to make it.


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