Thursday, October 28, 2010


If your Crown Vic shuts off while in motion, make sure to keep it in NEUTRAL. Do NOT put it in PARK, or you will be unable to push it out of the way if you have to. I made this mistake while coasting off the Park Avenue tunnel heading uptown across 46th Street. The taxi stood still in the middle of the intersection for over an hour, until the tow truck arrived. Once you put it in park, it locks into that position and does not allow you to do anything.

Don't make a fool of yourself and spend an hour getting assaulted by hundreds of scornful glares and remarks. Move it from drive to neutral and leave it there until you're absolutely out of the flow of traffic. There are always enough caring New Yorkers to push it along on any given street corner.

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  1. I had almost the same thing happen --- but found I could get it back into neutral by turning the key only to AUX (power only) then brake then shift to neutral...

    I dont know if it might work in your situation..