Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Sunday stuff-- via Gridlock Sam

Gridlock Sam can be found on Facebook, and Twitter, and also via the NY Daily News.

They include these block parties not mentioned in my previous post, but they might also give an easier to understand explanation of the March of dimes walk, and where it will be. Remember since it is a walk, different parts might open and close at different times, i presume while the upper west side, and also the upper east at lexington and west will suck early on, they may open up earlier too.

Gridlock Sam Schwartz Sunday Block parties: E 11St, 2nd Ave to 3rd Ave 10A - 6P E 75St, Lexington Ave to Park Ave 11A - 3P W 120St Bway to Amsterdam Noon - 7P

Gridlock Sam Schwartz Sunday, March of Dimes March 62st at Lincoln Center 9am to 2pm Route takes 65st through Central Park to Lexington, Lex to 23rd St.

fyi- the DOT site says they will then walk up 23rd to the park at Madison avenue, so that whole spot might be very bad.
Gridlock Sam Schwartz Tomorrow, Duke Ellington Blvd. Neighborhood Assoc.Street Festival 11 AM - 6 PM drivers avoid Broadway, between W 104th St and W 108th St

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