Thursday, April 8, 2010


I left my cab (not the one shown) at the taxi stand on Water Street, between John and the South St. Seaport, while I did my income tax for free on Fulton St. around 13:00 this afternoon. I parked at the very back end of the stand, with my rear end right up against the sign that says "no standing". When I came out 45 minutes later there was no ticket on my windshield, but another cabdriver, who'd left his cab just inches inside the "no standing" zone, did receive a $115 ticket. He was Haitian and appeared not to understand the rules as perfectly as he needed to. He thought he was in a taxi stand. He owned no camera, so I took pictures on his behalf, so he could contest the fine. Please don't let this happen to you. Pay close attention to signs.


  1. This confuses me, as drivers are not likely to get a ticket for being parked at a taxi stand. but legally they can. it is only a taxi relief stand that you can leave your car for up to an hour. seems strange that nobody in this town can follow the rules as they are so convoluted.

  2. in other words, I'm pretty sure it is only the yellow signs that are okay to leave your car at, everything else is a risk.