Sunday, February 28, 2010

Roosevelt Island Tram is under repair

I think I heard it will be under repair for 6 months. Now from Manhattan people can take the F train, but the chances may increase for people to want a taxi to Roosevelt Island, so heads up on that one. The tram closure will start this Monday, March 1st, some people may be unaware tonight and may need a cab right at the station at 1st Avenue between 60th Street and 59th Street, just an idea. Some people may know about it but say if they're on the upper west side, by Lincoln Center, Central Park, up there or further north, it may just be easier for them to take a cab there, than try to connect through multiple transfers with the F line.

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  1. You have a marvelous point there. How'd the Harlem right on red showdown unfold? I'll finally be back on duty this weekend.