Saturday, December 5, 2009

Can't Run. Can't Hide.

On Taxicab Almanac's latest post I mentioned two specific spots, complete with photographs, in which we should be careful (24/7) not to get pulled over. Scroll towards the end of the entry. These include the stop sign on Greenwich at Gansevoort and the Left Turn off 42nd unto Third. Keep it as snug as possible. The more you resemble a tractor trailer, the more at risk you are.

What if there's a street hail on the right side? Unfortunately the city of New York would rather you pull over on the left, get out of your vehicle, and shout "taxi available" at the top of your lungs across the avenue. If it's rush hour and all the cabs are occupied and/or off duty, the prospective passenger will indeed come running across when traffic has become less voluminous. Makes no sense, I know. But we must protect our licenses no matter what. Rest assure they're out to slap yours right out of your hand, for good if they can help it.

I was up there the other night, dropping off a passenger I had picked up in Manhattan. I was travelling south along So. Broadway when I came to red light at Morris Street. The three cars in front of me all had their left turn signals on. The street was poorly lit and when the light turned green I proceeded to pass these hovering vehicles on the right, as is the absolute norm in NYC. All of a sudden, one of those cars lit up in bright colors and a siren.

The 3rd precinct of the Yonkers Police Department was on my ass for breaking a state law: "passing on the right" (as if it were a highway). Both officers walked over. One approached my passenger to ask if I had picked her up in Westchester County. The other wrote me a ticket, but advised me to plead "not guilty" and he would work something out with the judge (not show up?). So I'm not worried about this incident. However, my tip for NYC cabdrivers: WHEN OUTSIDE OF THE 5 BOROS, DO NOT ASSUME THAT THE RIGHT LANE IS A FREE TRAVEL LANE. MY COP CLAIMED IT WAS A PARKING LANE. THE STREET WAS SO DARK HE COULD HAVE SPIT IN MY FACE AND TOLD ME IT WAS RAINING.


  1. Oh my god that's terrible, your gonna have to go to Yonkers to fight a ticket?

    I've heard about 42nd and 3rd ave too, although I heard it was for a violation of a no turning sign, which may not exist.??? are you sure it's for wide turns? or maybe it's for failure to yield to pedestrians?

    I've seen cabs pulled over also by Greenwich and Bank Street, or any of the other small streets south of Gansenvort, presumably for failure to come to a complete stop at stop signs, or for an improper pull over. and they also pull cabs over on Hudson at around Bank Street, or just south of it. I'm sure it is one or two cop cars at night who stick to a few choice locations and just pull over random cars. like shooting fish in a barrel they say.

  2. On Greenwich every little street with stop sign must be crossed after complete stop, I was on hearing and five guys there, got tickets on greenwich for not coming to complete stop at stop sign.