Friday, October 9, 2009

Just discovered a new website for the nightlife in NY:

I drive day shift on the weekends so I jot down little lists like this
for the last of the crowds when I hit the streets between 4 & 5 am....

BRANCH                       226 E 54 @ 3 Av
MARQUIS                     289 Tenth @ 26th
DUVET                           45 W 21 @ 5 Av
RETREAT                      37 W 17 @ 5 Av
TWO 5TH                      218 E 125th @ 2 Av
L. POISSON ROUGE   158 Bleecker/ Thompson
ELEMENT                     HOUSTON/ESSEX


  1. excellent posting, I've been meaning to write something other than just street closures, but whenever I have the time I draw a blank or I decide to dedicate the time to my blog. I remember days when there were many people at houston and essex, some days you get a party and it gets out. these clubs could be hit and miss though depending on if they're having a big party, or who'se going. I've been meaning to write about bathrooms and your post encourages me to put my two cents in on what i do with those wee hours of darkness.

  2. i hope you know, dearest fellow author, that i have nothing but deep respect and appreciation for your input on this blog and your own blog endeavors. i really liked your comment on my almanac post, but then you erased it. Made me sad.