Friday, July 17, 2009


You know the drill- check the DOT website for the most accurate road closures.
  • The major closure I'm going to remember is Lexington Avenue between 57th Street and 42nd Street- 11am to 6pm
  • Also that damn Holland Tunnel is closed as usual from 1 am to 8am, both today and tomorrow.
Be cautious for it to get hectic by 10am thru 6pm. Don't be surprised when 57th Street clogs at Lexington, Stay away from that after 11 even 10 in the morning, stay clear of that all through the whole day. warn customers early, and make your turns to Park Avenue, or 2nd Avenue depending on where you're going. second avenue had some construction on the two right lanes in the afternoon last weekend in the upper 30's, Park Avenue WILL have one lane closed going south between 37th Street and 36th Street, so it'd be best to get back to the empty Lexington avenue once south of 42nd Street.

Most of my tips are for the day, once the sun has risen- please check that DOT page for more info, below is one that pertains to night drivers too.
  • Columbus Avenue will have two lanes closed through the night until 1pm today and through tomorrow night from 11pm to 1pm Sunday as well.

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