Saturday, June 27, 2009

Update weekend:

note today in addition to what's in the posting for saturday, there is also a street fair on Bleeker Street probably between 6th avenue and broadway, just avoid Bleeker completely.

The festival today, and the parade tomorrow named 'Heritage of Pride' is actually the Gay Pride festival and parade. Today the festival will be in the meatpacking district. I doubt there will be much taxi use from there, but there may be more partying in Greenwich Village, maybe the meatpacking too, late into the night.

Its the parade that really gets messy on Sunday:
5th Avenue from 52nd street all the way down to turn at the bottom of 5th Avenue, Going up Christopher Street either from 9th Street or Waverly/Washington Square North. The parade will continue west on Christopher all the way to Greenwich Street.

note formation streets and dispersal streets listed as they will probably be close at the beginning and ending.

Formation: 52nd, 53rd, 54th, and 56th Streets between 7th Avenue and Madison Avenue
Route: 5th Avenue from 52nd Street to Greenwich Street
Dispersal: Greenwich Street between West Houston and Bethune Streets
The above streets will be closed Sunday from 11am to 6pm for the Heritage of Pride Parade as permitted by NYPD.


  1. thank you sir. what i did to still make money despite the crippling dissection of manhattan into east and west sides was to keep hitting the Javits Convention Center like a pinball machine.
    Most of the fares out of there, from lunchtime into the afternoon, are back to these industry insider's hotels, which are for the most part on the west side, so no need to circumnavigate the entire grid. you gotta look at the websites and jot event dates down on your calendar. that's a call to all cabbies who wish to be lucrative.

  2. I got a fare, to javits from the waldorff, and they asked where they should go if they want cabs, as often they can't be found come 1 or 2 o'clock. I told them my thinking would be not to waste my time going that far west to see if people wanted rides. Plus I figured a lot of riders would be going crosstown and it would be a nightmare. I told them when they get a cab back that they should go across on 57th or even 66th to get back to the waldorff. I'm glad it worked out for you. I got lucky right in the last few hours getting a few fdr drive trips south and north, and a ws hwy too. luck though, always luck. On these days sometimes there are so many cabs stuck in traffic that you get the good rides.