Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Watts Street is not in South Central L.A.

In case you haven't noticed, there is a new Hampton Inn on the southwest edge of SoHo. I've found many fares there because it hasn't been discovered by other cabbies. While all the yellows zoom straight up 6 Av at 60 mph, I always slow to a near stop on the left side and eagle eye the lobby entrance. I found this complaint someone posted on a hotels website, so beware. If someone asks for Hampton Inn on Watts Street, it's not that hard to find. Just remember that where Broome Street forks into two, as it passes West Broadway in SoHo, you simply fork to the left, as if planning to enter the Holland Tunnel. If you're coming down Varick (7 Av), just turn left on Grand, left again on 6 Av, and one last left on Watts St..
Here's is the comment some tourist posted on the internet:

"The biggest problem for us was not actually the hotel, it was the fact that the taxi drivers couldn't find it. Three times, we got out of the taxi in utter frustration and walked. We showed them it on the map and let them read directions from my Blackberry. We told them between 6th Avenue and Varick St, on the approaches to the Holland tunnel etc but no, they understood exactly where Worth Street is but couldn't work out where Watts Street was. One driver stopped and phoned the hotel which solved the problem. Do these guys not have sat-nav? If I was this hotel, I'd seriously consider giving all guests business cards with a map and directions to give to all taxi drivers."

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