Tuesday, January 13, 2009

perceived obsolescence

The taxi school instructors recommend you purchase a $17 Geographia 5 Borough street atlas, but I would go with one of those folding maps that only cost $5. That way you get a better feel for the city as one whole interconnected thing, while still being able to zoom into a specific street.
And the other suggested taxi driver's guides are expensive and unnecessary as well. Just jot down info you think you might need off of Google. Or here. Why am I being such an anti-consumerist? Well....


  1. This picture, and the layout is AWESOME! but anyway, I have a diff philosophy. I eventually sprung for the geographica laminated 5 boro. I wind up tearing every other map. and there is no map more easy to read, and more detailed. definitely it also helps to have a general map that doesn't unfold to large, which can put the whole city in perspective, but the front page of the 5 boro atlas will do just fine.

    I found the geo graphica laminated for a fantastic price of around15 maybe 17 dollars, or was it 12, at the barnes and noble in Tribeca. If drivers don't find the map they are looking for, they should ask for it, and it may get delivered to the store, or appear from storage. I that some maps are overkill, the 5 boro map laminated by hagstrum, is way too expensive and large, 50$ is entering gps territory.

    but the overall map, i don't think is good enough, tourist maps will just end at 106 street, or prospect park. and the Dts taxi guide has so many informative things, prices to secaucus new jersey for example, sometimes the airport says on their phone messages that their cab drivers should have the book with them. the tlc has it madatory for all cabbies to carry the 5 boro map too.

    i dunno, just my two cents, but I feel hopeless without my trusty discount laminated map.

  2. OOPS! actually my laminated map was 40 bucks, but with the barnes and noble discount card it was 32 dollars i think. and i think the laminated thick hagstrum map was 60 bucks.

    and i found i wasted my money everytime i bought a small map. yo this blog is a great idea, keep it up.