Saturday, January 24, 2009

Does It Hold Water?

Have you driven past Madison Square Garden lately and noticed the treehouses? I personally feel that even though the artist didn't mean to be cynically sarcastic, it's still mighty audacious of the city to allow these installations while denying homeless people the right to live in them. That's just me. This might be a good conversational piece to have with your passengers, as you taxi them across E.26th, eh? Don't always be so glued to your telephones. It has really created us a bad reputation, especially amongst tourists, who wish they could have a friendly chat with their cabbie. My tips grow exponentially when I choose to engage in even the smallest dialogue. I know, sometimes it takes a huge effort to break the ice, but a comfort zone is worth snapping. And the first thing they always ask once I've established an atmosphere of openness is "who the hell do they talk to all day and night?" Perhaps some of you fellow cabdrivers can answer that. And about the art....

REMINDER: Central Park Drive is HOV 2+ from 72nd to 7 Ave (8-10am/ Mon-Fri)

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  1. yeah, seems like the art could've had a function and been much more cool. Oh that central park drive, I never could remember the times and rules, one more reason i don't drive weekdays (yet) Thanks for all your comments, I changed the link.