Thursday, December 11, 2008


WB Kings Highway unto Remsen or Linden (use Church).

NEW: Broadway unto 40 (never)
WB 42 unto LEX (M-F 7-19:00)
EB 42 unto Madison (never).
EB 14 unto 6 Av (except U)
23rd/Park Ave: from any direction (8-19:00) except U
WB 23 unto 7 Av (8-19:00) except U
WB 23 unto Fifth 8-19:00 (except U).
Church unto Canal (M-F 16-19:00)
SB York unto 79 (never)
SB W.End unto 72 (never)
WB 181 unto Broadway (never) in Washington Heights
EB 57 unto 6 Av (7-19:00 M-S)
2 Av unto 37 (7-10:00 M-F)
(Also straight thru 2 Av on 37th (7-10:00 M-F)

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  1. Yeah, this stuff is hard work. Very tough task to keep up with all the rules and reg's of nyc, probably atleast another p/t job worth of hours. I was always saving another blog site for more nyc information, but haven't had the time, well, I'm lazy. so yes, I'd be happy to contribute on things like light sequences and stuff i guess.